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But there are opportunities for good times too, so if you get an invite or feel moved to be with friends, you can feel much recharged.


With warrior Mars in your sign angling towards Jupiter, new developments can enable you to grasp a stirring opportunity and to connect with those who share similar goals. With a key influence in a sensitive and emotional sector though, feelings could rise to the surface encouraging you to tackle issues that need closure. Letting go of what no longer serves can be quite a relief.

Mars enters Scorpio

Your ruler Venus is going to enable you to really shine when it comes to your everyday communications. Finances however, may need greater care. With Mercury rewinding through to the 19th, be vigilant about incomings and outgoings. An idea that you've been working hard on can start to shape up however, from that time. Someone with an intense but magnetic persona, can draw you in during the last ten days. Transformations in your home environment can continue this year, but I also feel that whatever you have been developing in recent times, can also become more bedded down and established, or conversely, you may move altogether if your circumstances are not ideal.

It's true that Uranus can continue to provide an unsettling influence around your relationships, but especially those of a more intimate variety. As the year begins, Mars in its home sign of Aries is also going to give you a lot more oomph and desire to engage with people on your own terms, but that is seriously no bad thing.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The 6th of January , also sees a lunation in Capricorn, suggesting that when it comes to tuning into what's right as far as security of all kinds is concerned, this shouldn't compromise your personal instincts. The combination of Neptune in Pisces, and in the last year the North Node, the Point of Destiny in Leo, has made you especially aware of the needs of others.

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Libra Love Horoscope | ciwoqosanowo.tk

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Libra 2020 Love Horoscope

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